Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Heavens! It's been close to a year.

Dearest readers,

I'd like to apologize for my sudden disappearance and I wish I had a good enough or even remotely interesting reason to attribute to said hiatus, but I just forgot the password for this account *cue unruly laughter.*  Not that there are a great many of you, I've only had four page views so far. But, I won't let that bring me down.

I would like to steer clear from politics due to several reasons listed below:

1) I'm only sixteen and don't believe that I could formulate an opinion on the current situation. My scope of knowledge doesn't encompass matters concerning the country. *I'm referring to Egypt here, by the way*

2) I'm a very opinionated person and have formed some opinions, contrary to the point above, and tend to get riled up when expressing them.

3) This blog will be a little getaway from the world and I hope it will entertain you. Politics are NOT entertaining.

Onto the matter at hand, this post will be the first of many detailing the factors affecting me as a sixteen year old and getting in the way of making my dreams come true. I think the ten month gap between this post and the one before highlights something I'm suffering from . . .


I have an awful memory and need to write everything down in order not to forget it. But then I'd go ahead and forget where I wrote the thing I didn't want to forget and the vicious cycle would begin.

This could be due to the fact that nowadays teenagers have a lot on their minds including school, friends, etc or maybe it's purely genetic.

*How about you guys share your stories about forgetting something and I'll share them on here? Leave a comment :)

This is Faulty McPerfect signing out.

Faulty McPerfect